8 Acceptable Reasons To Miss Work

But there are inevitably days when we need to miss work — for vacation, for personal or family matters, or for some other reason. That means many full-time employees are expected to spend about 70% of their time in the office, literally or figuratively. If https://remotemode.net/blog/10-valid-reasons-to-call-out-of-work/ you’re feeling burned out or overwhelmed, it’s important to take a break and recharge. This can help you come back to work feeling more focused and productive. Taking some time off, whether a few days or several weeks, can help you destress and recharge.

What is a good excuse to call in for?

You're caring for a sick child or family member

Along with calling in sick, there's another equally good excuse for taking a day or more off: caring for a sick child or family member. These are both valid reasons to miss a day of work and qualify as an emergency that most employers will understand.

There’s no way your parents won’t ask you why you feel the way you do about the teacher. Ask yourself if this is a can of worms you really want to open. If you still live at home with your parents, you’re most likely still in grade school or high school. Coming up with excuses to miss school to tell your parents is one of the more common scenarios when you’re in this level of school. It’s definitely easier than coming up with the best excuses for hickeys. If you want to stay home, they are going to be the first people you need to get past to enjoy your freedom for the day.

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However, I recommend using one of the excuses above if you’re going to call out of work last minute. It’s better to take a sick day than a mental health day if giving short notice. Save the personal day or mental health day for when you’re able to request it at least one or two days in advance. Whether your job is Temporary/ Contract, Temp-to-Hire, Direct-Hire, remote or on-site, calling out of work from time to time is inevitable.

If that strategy fails, then it’s good to have a few crazy excuses up your sleeve, just in case you’ve come down with the same cold a few too many times. Due to the fact that your class is online, and you can stay home to attend, you’ve also been put in charge of babysitting your younger brother during the week. Well, today, he needed your help, and family takes precedence, which is why you weren’t online for class today.

Feeling tired? 7 reasons to take a vacation

If the lenses shatter, and you can’t fix your glasses temporarily with scotch tape, your employer will likely allow you some time off to buy a new pair. If you’re pregnant and unable to work, you can take time off. Similarly, if you just gave birth, you should be able to use your maternity leave. If tax time is coming around, and you haven’t done your taxes, you may be able to get time off to do them. Your boss may ask you to do them on the weekend, but you may not be able to get an appointment with a CPA then.

  • In fact, there are even laws in place to deal with this kind of absence.
  • Between heating up soup, checking for fever, and providing soothing back rubs, your day may drift away with not much time for work tasks.
  • If you have children, take advantage of being a good parent who’s always looking out for them and call off a day of work.

If it has to be one of my vacation days, I’m also okay with that.” Be sure you inform all members of your team, as well. Sometimes there’s no way to get to work when your car breaks down or you’re in an accident. Even if you’re unharmed, you still have to deal with your insurance company and car repairs, so you need time to get these details worked out.

You’re getting straight A’s, what does it matter?

A migraine is another good excuse for missing a full day of work with only a small chance you’ll be questioned about it, since most managers know how severe migraines can be. Migraines usually go away eventually, with or without treatment, so you can simply go into work the next day and say, “I’m feeling much better, thank you,” if anyone asks. For the reasons above, a migraine is a good excuse to miss work, especially on short notice. If your boss questions or doubts you at all, just say that you can barely look into the light and that you’re lying down in the dark right now as you make this phone call. If you can barely get up or look at light, employers will know you can’t perform your job.

Before we proceed, however, make sure you know your employer’s policies about paid time off and unpaid time off. The changes wrought by the remote work revolution have in many ways improved employee performance. For instance, applying for PTO in the company portal and so on. Also, after dropping a text to your manager, send an email as well. All the reasons discussed above (and a few more) are possible reasons to get out of work. However, it is best to have proof with you because your manager may ask for it.

In such cases, seeing an emergency dentist is often the only option – especially if waiting until your regular dentist is available could lead to more serious complications. Also, they are highly particular that team members have their time off pre-approved by their managers. However, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, there will be times when employees take leaves without prior notice. You’re sick, your car is in the shop, or you’re dealing with a family emergency.

We’ve put together some of the best excuses for missing school to help ease your anxiety. Go over our guide to see how companies hire remote employees https://remotemode.net/ and learn essential qualities a remote employee must have. When searching for a remote job, study these common questions remote workers usually ask..

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